Is It Just Me???

Every time I get to this scene in William Steig’s The Amazing Bone — for my money, it’s the most disturbing moment in the book, even worse than when the villanous fox appears —

Amazing Bone I always think of the bizarre series of paintings (by Mexican artist Miguel Calderón) hanging on Eli Cash’s walls in The Royal Tennenbaums. I can’t help it — it’s as if William Steig and Wes Anderson are speaking to one another.

Royal_Tenenbaums_MiguelIs it just me? Another illo from The Amazing Bone:

The Amazing Bone And Owen Wilson chilling in front of Calderon’s Bad Route, which I remember made me burst out laughing in the theater.

Royal_Tenenbaums_Miguel2 To be fair, Kurt Andersen did an interview with Wes and Miguel on his radio show where they discussed the paintings in the film and nobody mentioned any talking bones. But still.


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