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Out-of-Print Gem: When I Have a Little Girl (1965)

When I Have a Little Girl CoverCharlotte Zolotow’s When I Have a Little Girl (1965) doesn’t have the arch references of Kay Thompson’s Eloise (1955) but the books share plenty of DNA. Both are illustrated by Hilary Knight and feature heroines who are willful, exuberant, self-centered, dreamy, loving and bratty all at once.

She’s basically Eloise’s less naughty cousin living in the suburbs.


LittleGirlPartyDress2LittleGirlHair1LittleGirlHair_2LittleGirlFurLittleGirlPhoneShe’s a handful. But Eloiseeven 2013’s Brooklyn-reared Eloise — would eat her alive.