Out-of-Print Gem: Happy Mother’s Day (1985)

If you can find a copy, this is a genius book to share with your family — the kids as well as their father — in advance of the hallowed day. Because author Steven Kroll seems to understand what mothers crave on this occasion.happymothersday-flowersNo, not flowers. Though they are a nice touch. And no, not even jewelry (although I do not think a pair of Ted Muehling earrings would be too much to ask for). What a beleaguered mom really wants on Mother’s Day is for the family to HELP AROUND THE GODDAMN HOUSE WITHOUT HER HAVING TO NAG EVERYBODY. In the story, the mother arrives home to find a series of handwritten notes from her six children, each accompanied by a welcome surprise: a tidied-up room, a mended curtain, a swept fireplace.happymotherday-bedshappymothersday-curtainThe father has even gotten the baby into his crib, pajamas and all. Interestingly enough, he leaves a note on the crib complimenting himself (“Dad got me ready for bed. He did a very good job”) which is annoying and yet very realistic. Because you know this man thinks that by dealing with the bedtime routine for one measly night he’s suddenly father of the year.

happymothersday-cribBut you probably have to give him credit for the gorgeous cake.


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